Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Holiday Hiatus

Hey, Y'all,
I'm sure you've noticed my absence for the last few weeks. What can I say? As a military spouse and a mother of two youngins', one with special needs, my time is This time of year, as Christmas approaches, I'm pretty much overbooked. I'm also about to begin my traditional Treat Blitz, which involves the making of several varieties of cookies and other treats, from scratch. So, I'm gonna have to bow out till January.

Also, I gotta say that some of the reason I've been away is because the some of the folks around me don't value or respect my time. Much love to the docs who treat my son's many health conditions, but asking me to drive two hours from my home to the hospital on a weekly basis, sit around the hospital with two hungry, cranky, stroller confined kids for hours on end, then drive two hours back? Just so you can say you saw my son? Well, allow me to point you to one of my patron saints: S'aint Happenin'. Can somebody put a stop to the madness, please? Oh wait, I already did.

I know my son is popular, don't worry, you'll see him again come January.

I'm working on two historicals right now, as well. One is in the first draft stage, the other in edits for an early 2012 release. So, in order to have a few slivers of time to tame my 'fro and bathe and things like that, I'm trimming my schedule. (Pronounced shed-yule. LOL)

Whatever you celebrate, I wish you peace, blessings, and all good things. See you in 2012.

Until Next Time,