Monday, September 26, 2011

Embrace the Night is Available, and Other News

Hi, all,
I'm happy to announce that Embrace the Night is now available, in Kindle, print, and Nook formats! It's a teensy b early, and I absolutely love the final result. I hope you will too.

Also, Bitten by Paranormal Romance gave Embrace the Night a four star, "Pack Howl" review. You can read the review here.(Note: You'll have to get past the adult content warning.) Thanks to Bitten, and to the reviewer, Kayla, for taking the time to read the book.

Also, if you're in North Carolina, I'll be signing books from 4-5pm on October 8th at the Sheraton Imperial in Durham. It's in the RTP area, and I'll be joined by some other illustrious authors, including Cherry Adair, Sabrina Jeffries, and many others. This event is sponsored by Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, a chapter of Romance Writers of America. I am a member of the chapter, and am just getting my feet wet as the newly installed PR coordinator.

I have a chat at the CTR forums (click the pink coffee cup on the sidebar to go there) this Thursday night 9/29, entitled: Women in Charge: Can Men Handle it? I'm sure it will be a lively conversation. I'll also be blogging at the CoffeeThoughts Blog on October 8, and I'll pop in throughout the day to answer your comments and questions.

Whew! I'm one busy belle... but I'm doing what I love so it's all good. Thanks so much for your support, and please, if you loved my book, tell a friend. Word of mouth is the best advertising a writer can get!

Until Next Time,

Friday, September 9, 2011

New Author Group, and ETN Update

Hi, all,

This week I have obtained a new author group, in the vibrant CoffeeTime Romance and More forums. Look to the right of your screen and you'll see the clickable button, at the top of the side bar, that'll take you right to it. I'd be much obliged if you joined the forums and joined in on the fun! I'm giving away free gifts to the first ten members of the group, so don't miss your chance!

In other news, I received my proof copy of the print version of Embrace the Night. It's beautiful, I must say. The cover and interior look right nice. There are a few minor formatting errors, which I'll take care of. Don't ya'll fret none, as we say in the South. I'll have it all straightened out in time for release day.

Next on the agenda is getting the Kindle and Nook versions set up and loaded, I should have that done by weeks' end. I'll also have a pdf version, which I'll burn to discs. However you prefer to read, I should be able to accommodate you.
Well, I'm off to reformat. See ya'll later!

Until Next Time,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Update: Embrace the Night, and the Horror of Dental Work!!!

Hi, all,

So, I've finished Embrace the Night, and gotten it back from my editor. I'll be making a few last minute corrections and polishing it for release on September 29th.
Alas, there were no takers on last weeks' contest. No one wanted to admit to being embarrassed, which I suppose I can understand. Sheesh, I told my story. Come on, people.

Anyhow, I've recently enlisted the services of Ms. Denita Tuttle over Author Island, and I'm sure she will have a fabulous contest plan. When details are released, I will post them here.

Meanwhile, try not to burst as you wait for September 29th to roll around, LOL. I have several appearances coming up, both online and in person. My calendar is filling fast...and I'm trying to work around a dreaded appointment with an oral surgeon to have wisdom teeth extracted. Have I mentioned my absolute terror about that? Yeah, I may be grown, but I. am. terrified.

Look for me on release day at the CoffeeTime Romance and more e-loop, where I'll be chatting from 7-9 eastern. Also, I'll be blogging on October 8th at the CTR Blog.
If you're in North Carolina, I'll be signing books from 4-5 at the Sheraton Imperial in RTP; and the illustrious Cherry Adair will be there, as well as some talented bestselling authors from my local RWA chapter. More details on that as I get them.
So, hang in there. Embrace the Night is coming soon!