Saturday, December 7, 2013

Holiday Bonus Post: The Power of Pink: A Christmas Story, by Zaria Garrison

It's that time again: A Holiday Bonus! This time, I'm highlighting a compelling tale by a new-to-me author, and I hope you'll support her.

Inspired by her own battle with breast cancer, Zaria Garrison presents The Power of Pink: A Christmas Story.

Caron Taylor, Teresa Sanders, and Pamela Jefferson are three women looking forward to celebrating the upcoming holiday season with their family and friends.  

After becoming engaged to the love of her life, Caron finds out she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. The first person she confides in is her fiancĂ©e’, Michael. He is stunned by the news and suddenly drops out of sight. 

Teresa is a pediatric nurse who considers all of the children in her ward as her very own. She is also a twenty year cancer survivor who has never shared her diagnosis with anyone. After her marriage fell apart she chose to have the surgery alone and never speak about it with another living soul until fate and circumstance force her to open up her secret box. 

Pamela Jefferson has just completed radiation and chemotherapy following her diagnosis. Although she lost both breasts to the disease she is not letting a little thing like a double mastectomy slow her down or steal her joy. 

These three women, like so many, are fighting breast cancer and its lasting effects bring them all together this holiday season to celebrate.

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Holiday Bonus Post: Christmas Angel by Deatri King-Bey

Hey, Y'all!
Now, normally, I don't do this, but er um...
It's December, so I'm spreading some holiday cheer. And what better way to do that than with a few awesome holiday reads? So, every week throughout the month, I'll feature a holiday themed book by another author. And to start off the fun, I'm presenting my good buddy, Deatri King-Bey, and her newest release. Enjoy!

The madness must end. All Abigail wants for Christmas is to be left alone. She has grown tired of her family’s horrible matchmaking schemes and her daughters’ deceptive plans to get her to take her ex-husband back. It’s not that she doesn’t want a relationship. She’s more than ready for Mr. Right to sweep her off her feet. She’s just come to the realization that there may not be a Mr. Right out there for her—and that’s okay. Now if she could only convince her family of that.
Jeff is all work and no play, which is why he found himself stranded in the middle of nowhere with a blizzard quickly approaching. Desperate for cover, he spots a house in the distance. Upon meeting the kindhearted, gorgeous owner of the home, he deems Abigail his Christmas Angel, and thanks Santa for the early gift. But is she too good to be true?
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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Is It Thanksgiving Already?

Hi Y'all-
Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers. And for those of you outside the US, I hope your day is just as super!

Can you believe how quickly 2013 has flown by? I can't. That's probably due to the fact that I have young kids and stay constantly busy. That makes it hard sometimes to notice the days passing- a lot of times they just run together on me!

It's been a year of ups and downs in my household. I'll not go into the sordid details. Suffice it to say that my children are getting older and more demanding, my husband's work situation is about to change, and I've been a bit...on edge. Since I'm anxious by nature (writers are a crazy bunch in general, lol) I've probably spent far too much time worrying when I should have been writing. The good news is that's already starting to change.

I have a lot of good things to be thankful for. My husband, my children, my extended family, my awesome writer buddies and friends.  I have a home to live in, food in the fridge- my basic needs are met. On top of that I have wonderful readers, and freedom to pursue my dream of writing.

I'm not going to ask you what you're thankful for, I'm sure someone else will ask you that today. Instead, I'll ask, what's the most awesome thing you'll remember when you look back on 2013? Be sure to tell me in the comments, as one lucky winner will get a free copy of the PHOENIX Files boxed set (provided there are at least ten commenters).

Until Next Time,

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Anticipating Thanksgiving

Hey, Y'all!
We're just a week away from Thanksgiving here in the US. Some call it by its proper name, some call it Turkey Day. I myself call it Elastic Waistband Day. :)

Thanksgiving for us generally means a long drive to the western part of the state, to spend the day with my husband's large extended family. Fifty or more people descend on a house, and everybody brings something. We usually take a dessert. Oh my goodness, the food. There is so much of it, my mind is boggled every year. I can never decide what to put on my plate. Meanwhile, all my son wants is sweet potato casserole, and all my daughter wants is cake. Last year she had at least three slices, and I'm almost certain nary a veggie touched her tiny lips.

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? I'd love to hear about them. Share your traditions in the comment section for a chance to win a free copy of my holiday novella, Seducing Sheri. (I'll only draw if there are at least ten commenters, so share this post around the Inter-Web and encourage your reading buddies to comment as well.)

However you celebrate, I hope your Thanksgiving is awesome.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hey, Y'all!

I'm doing a happy dance, because I recently released my very first box set will be released. The box set is of my PHEONIX Files paranormal romance trilogy, and I'm so excited for new readers to get a chance to discover it, and for current readers to be able to get all three books in a set.

If you're not familiar with the series, written under my Alexandra Kane pen name, let me give you the skinny. It's set in my home state of North Carolina, and revolves around PHOENIX, a covert organization that uses people with powers (telekinesis, shape-shifting, sorcery) to assist law enforcement in fighting crime. I'm told the series has a "New Adult" voice, though I must admit that when I was writing it back in 2011, there was no such thing as NA. 

There is a lot of action, fist-fights, some shoot-outs. There's also budding relationships, and some "sexy time". If you like those supernatural shows like Once Upon A Time, Charmed, Grimm, and the like, you could probably get into it. And if you're not inclined to read the scary stuff, don't worry, because horror this ain't. :)

So, if you haven't read the books (or even if you have), check out the box set. Grab the box set at Amazon and  Smashwords. Thanks again for being the awesome readers you are. Like I said, keep reading, and I'll keep writing.

Until Next Time, 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Where's My Lawman?!?!

Hey, Y'all,

I know, I know. What's going on with Loving the Lawman? I'm sure some of you feel like you've been waiting forever. True, it's been more than a year since The Preacher's Paramour. It was not my intention for things to take as long as they did, but you know how life is. One day chicken, next day feathers.

I know you want to see the cover, but I gotta keep the mystery going, LOL. So. I'll be doing an official cover reveal, over on my Facebook page.

Loving the Lawman Cover Reveal
February 14, 2104
Kianna's Facebook page

Anyway, the wait is almost over! I'm happy to announce the release date of Loving the Lawman, the final book in the Roses of Ridgeway trilogy:

Loving the Lawman Release Dates:
eBook: March 14, 2014
Print: April 25, 2014

That's right. You can wait that long, right? You've shown incredible patience up to this point, and for that I'm extremely grateful. I have worked very hard on this story to make it worth every moment you had to wait.
Of course you know, release time means contest time! More details to come on that front.

So charge up your e-readers, y'all. Loving the Lawman is coming soon!

Until Next Time,

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Music Classics

Hey, Y'all,

It's Halloween once again. I have to say, in my household, we don't really do Halloween. And no, we're not those super-religious folks you often find in the South who proclaim "Halloween is the Devil!" For me, it's just a carryover from my own childhood. My mama didn't make a fuss over it, so I don't with my own kids.

So far, that's worked out well for us. The kids are 3 and 7, and not once has either of them asked for a costume, or asked to go trick or treating. I don't even think they know what trick or treating is. And I'm fine with that.

The only thing I can get behind is the music. there are two songs I used to always hear around Halloween that I like- Thriller, and the Monster Mash. Classic stuff. I've posted the videos so you can get your Halloween jam on.
Because at my house, that's likely all we'll be doing- dancing around and acting silly. We do that most days. :)

Until Next Time,