Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Music Classics

Hey, Y'all,

It's Halloween once again. I have to say, in my household, we don't really do Halloween. And no, we're not those super-religious folks you often find in the South who proclaim "Halloween is the Devil!" For me, it's just a carryover from my own childhood. My mama didn't make a fuss over it, so I don't with my own kids.

So far, that's worked out well for us. The kids are 3 and 7, and not once has either of them asked for a costume, or asked to go trick or treating. I don't even think they know what trick or treating is. And I'm fine with that.

The only thing I can get behind is the music. there are two songs I used to always hear around Halloween that I like- Thriller, and the Monster Mash. Classic stuff. I've posted the videos so you can get your Halloween jam on.
Because at my house, that's likely all we'll be doing- dancing around and acting silly. We do that most days. :)

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

She Writes Hard for the Money...

Hey, Y'all,

So hard for it, honey...

Admit it. You were singing, right? :)

It's the truth. I do write hard for the money. It takes a lot of hard work, including drinking coffee, staring at the ceiling, and folding laundry, to write these books, honey.

Oh, yeah, there's some typing involved, too.

And if that wasn't enough, I'm still freelancing for clients in my "serious" job as a copywriter and ghostwriter. That means dealing with clients, answering emails and phone calls, and all of that. It's not nearly as exciting as my fiction writing, but it's writing, and I LOVE to write.

Basically what you have here is a woman, livin' the dream. I may never get rich financially, but I love what I do. The flexibility is ideal since I have a special needs child, and I understand what a gift it is to make money doing what you love.

So I'll keep writing as long as you keep reading. Stay awesome, y'all.

Until Next Time,


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Going to Climax Creek

Hey, Y'all,
It's that time again- time to tell you what I'm working on. As always, I'm working on a whole lotta stuff- that's just how I roll.

For those of you waiting on Loving the Lawman, it's coming, I promise! I recently got edits back from the fabulous Deatri King-Bey, and I've got work to do on the manuscript. I'm not ready to announce a date yet, but it will be out in time for the spring thaw. Look for a Roses of Ridgeway box set, coming soon as well.

I'm also working on two books contracted with Ellora's Cave, both sequels to Freedom's Embrace. The working titles are Love's Lasso and Deputy's Desire. I'll keep you posted on that.

I'm also excited to announce my very first holiday story- set in the small fictional town of Climax Creek, NC. It's a contemporary erotic romance short called "Seducing Sheri." Think small town, super sexy, and can't miss. I mean, look at the name of the town- it's gotta be good. Look for Seducing Sheri on November 1. The cover will be revealed on my Facebook page.

Seducing Sheri
Cover Reveal
Monday,October 14, 2013

It is really gorgeous. Can't wait for you all to see it. The very talented Mae at Cover Fresh Designs is responsible for all that cover loveliness. Thanks, Mae!
Well, it's back to the writing cave for me. Thanks again for all your support, and please feel free to leave comments or questions below.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Columbus Day- What's Up With That?

Hey, Y'all,

Now you know I'm not one for controversy, but, I just gotta ask. Why is there a Columbus Day? I mean, I like holidays as much as the next person. I've even been known to celebrate such lofty days as National Cheesecake Day (celebrated on July 30th for those who may have missed it this year). But this is a holiday I just don't get.

Technically, the man didn't discover anything. How can you discover a place if people already live there? If that's the case, I can go "discover" Raleigh right now. Will I get a holiday then?

If we want to celebrate his intrepid spirit and his thirst for knowledge about the world around him, why not call it "Exploration Day," and encourage people to go out and explore their world?

It's just my two cents, but I don't believe Columbus Day is all that necessary. It's probably not going anywhere, though, so let's all celebrate in the appropriate manner.

Until Next Time,