Friday, September 9, 2011

New Author Group, and ETN Update

Hi, all,

This week I have obtained a new author group, in the vibrant CoffeeTime Romance and More forums. Look to the right of your screen and you'll see the clickable button, at the top of the side bar, that'll take you right to it. I'd be much obliged if you joined the forums and joined in on the fun! I'm giving away free gifts to the first ten members of the group, so don't miss your chance!

In other news, I received my proof copy of the print version of Embrace the Night. It's beautiful, I must say. The cover and interior look right nice. There are a few minor formatting errors, which I'll take care of. Don't ya'll fret none, as we say in the South. I'll have it all straightened out in time for release day.

Next on the agenda is getting the Kindle and Nook versions set up and loaded, I should have that done by weeks' end. I'll also have a pdf version, which I'll burn to discs. However you prefer to read, I should be able to accommodate you.
Well, I'm off to reformat. See ya'll later!

Until Next Time,

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