Friday, September 21, 2012

When Life Happpens....

Hi, Y'all!
I'ts been a minute, I know. (Okay, more like a couple of months.) I've been busy with the start of school, several hundred doctor/therapy appointments for my son, keeping house, and writing- when I get a minute. Y'all already know my life is hectic and chaotic. With two little kids, a hubby, and all that other stuff, how could it not be? I've been thinking about this blog for weeks, and now, I'm finally getting a minute to actually write it.

So, I have some news to share with you about my latest release, and the Hot MAMA event. The Preacher's Paramour, the second book in my sweet historical romance series(The Roses of Ridgeway), is now available for Kindle and Nook readers. Also, a heads up- there won't be a print version of this book as a standalone. However, in early 2013, when the third story, Loving the Lawman comes out, there will be a print anthology of the series with all three stories in it. Will there be more than three Roses stories? I haven't decided yet. I always have ideas, but it depends on reader response. So far, the response to the series has been very positive. If it stays that way, then I will write and release more stories.

As for the Hot MAMA Event- we have had to move the date up to March 2013, but we are planning a great event for readers in the NC/VA/TN/SC area. (And if you live outside the area you are still welcome to come!) So, keep an eye out for more information, both here and over in Hot MAMA Land, about the "Fly Hat Society Luncheon."

There's lots more to tell, but that's all for now. I've gotta have some mystery about me, right? I promise to give you more news in the next couple of weeks- frankly, that's as long as I can stand to sit on it!

Until Next Time,

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