Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Music Classics

Hey, Y'all,

It's Halloween once again. I have to say, in my household, we don't really do Halloween. And no, we're not those super-religious folks you often find in the South who proclaim "Halloween is the Devil!" For me, it's just a carryover from my own childhood. My mama didn't make a fuss over it, so I don't with my own kids.

So far, that's worked out well for us. The kids are 3 and 7, and not once has either of them asked for a costume, or asked to go trick or treating. I don't even think they know what trick or treating is. And I'm fine with that.

The only thing I can get behind is the music. there are two songs I used to always hear around Halloween that I like- Thriller, and the Monster Mash. Classic stuff. I've posted the videos so you can get your Halloween jam on.
Because at my house, that's likely all we'll be doing- dancing around and acting silly. We do that most days. :)

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