Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday Hop- Kissing the Captain

Hey, Y'all!

This week I'm participating in the Sneak Peek Sunday hop. Be sure and check out the other author's entries- there is a nice mix to be enjoyed. 

What is Sneak Peek Sunday? Well, each author participating shares exactly six paragraphs from one of their books, to give a little insight into the story. I've chosen to give you my six paragraphs from my best-selling title, Kissing the Captain, which is a sweet historical. Even though it's my highest seller, there are folks out there who still don't know about it, and it's sequel, The Preacher's Paramour. Hopefully we'll remedy that today. :) The excerpt begins just below the cover image (click the cover to purchase the book.)

She was so stunned, she thought her eyeballs might pop out of her head. "I don't know who is more crazy, you, for agreeing to marry a woman you just met, or my father, for arranging this travesty in the first place!"
Anger and frustration coursed through her so strongly she feared her blood boiled. Wiping her sweat dampened palms on the front of her skirt, she turned a hopeful gaze on Mr. Peters. “Is there any clause that allows me to shirk this union, and still remain on the land?
The solemn faced lawyer shook his head. “I'm afraid not, Ms. Warren. If you don't wed the captain within two months of your father's passing, you'll lose your claim to the land.”
A bitter chuckle escaped her throat. “Well, isn't this a fine fix.” Her father's meddling from beyond the grave, while well intentioned, had her mad as a March hare. How could he have done such a thing? She could feel the tears stinging the corners of her eyes, but she refused to shed them, lest she look like a pouting child in front of her company. She was a woman full grown, so she'd do what was necessary to preserve the family lands.
Her knowledge about running the farm was limited at best, since she had only assisted her father in a few of the many tasks required. Also, she did need someone to help work the land, and no one else had offered their services. What choice did she have? She looked to Prudence, who seemed somewhat recovered from her shock. "Well, Pru, I suppose we've a wedding to prepare for." Swinging a cool gaze toward the gorgeous, dark haired man who would be her husband, she announced, “This will be a marriage in name only, Captain.”
He met the challenge in her eyes easily. “As you wish, Senorita.” He captured her hand again, and brought it to his lips. “But be aware, I will court you.”

How's that? If you want to know what really happens between the sea captain and the farmer's daughter, you'll have to read the book. :)

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  1. Ha! I love when a snippet ends with a punch. I've read quite a few of those today. Nice peek! :)

  2. I love a marriage of convenience story. Enjoyed the last line too :)