Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summmertime...and the Writing Ain't Easy!

Hey, Y'all

 I could swear laundry and dishes are multiplying when I'm not looking, and my kids are using all this new-found free time to find new and exciting ways to destroy the house and my sanity. Le sigh.
Anyways, on with the show. What am I writing? Well, I'm writing a bunch. I'm working on several projects, three historicals and one contemporary. It's a little insane but I have always worked on several books at once- that's how I roll. :)
Besides, I'm pretty sure if I worked on one thing at a time, I'd never finish anything. Between the time crunch and my tendency to get bored, it would probably be a very bad idea.
I'm really excited about Freedom's Embrace, my first Ellora's Cave title, which is coming out on August 1. You can pre-order it at Amazon and BN, or put it on your wishlist over at the EC website. I have to say, my experience with them so far has been awesome. My editors have been attentive and thorough, and things have been very transparent throughout the process. I will definitely be signing on with them for more books- the process has actually already started. I'll tell you more about that when everything's official.
In a few days, I'm headed to Hotlanta for my very first RWA national conference. I'm very excited about it, and I'll be sure to let you know all the interesting things that happened as I go along, and when I return. I'm road tripping there with four other illustrious authors: Olivia Kelly, Marquita Valentine, Laura Browning, and Erica Monroe- the trip should be pretty dang epic. I'll be recording these events for prosperity.
I('ll check back in Wednesday, with my pre-RWA jitters and all.

Until Next Time,

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