Thursday, October 24, 2013

She Writes Hard for the Money...

Hey, Y'all,

So hard for it, honey...

Admit it. You were singing, right? :)

It's the truth. I do write hard for the money. It takes a lot of hard work, including drinking coffee, staring at the ceiling, and folding laundry, to write these books, honey.

Oh, yeah, there's some typing involved, too.

And if that wasn't enough, I'm still freelancing for clients in my "serious" job as a copywriter and ghostwriter. That means dealing with clients, answering emails and phone calls, and all of that. It's not nearly as exciting as my fiction writing, but it's writing, and I LOVE to write.

Basically what you have here is a woman, livin' the dream. I may never get rich financially, but I love what I do. The flexibility is ideal since I have a special needs child, and I understand what a gift it is to make money doing what you love.

So I'll keep writing as long as you keep reading. Stay awesome, y'all.

Until Next Time,


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