Saturday, April 20, 2013

That Sho' Sound Good!

Hey, Y'all,
I don't know how you feel on the topic, but I LOVE music. LOVE it. It is easily my second favorite thing after the written word. What's great is that it goes so well with books. :) That makes me a happy lady.
For me, music is like life's soundtrack. I hear an old song, like the one below, and am reminded of my days riding in the back of the family car, staring out the window and pondering my kiddie conundrums. (Yes, I realize I'm dating myself with these vids.)
Note, I loved this song as a kid, but thought the vocalist was saying, "Don't desert this fool." Go figure. As an adult, I can understand and appreciate the subtle nuances of the actual, correct lyrics. :)

The music of the nineties reminds me of my days in high school, the teenage angst, and the so-called "puppy love" I felt for my then boyfriend, who, by the way is my husband of almost ten years now. Not for nothing, but I tried to tell my parents this thing was for real. :)

The music of the early 2000's reminds me of my college days. They were so tame, they were probably...lame. I studied, never drank or clubbed, never went to parties. (I did once go to a baby shower in my junior year- does that count?) What can I say, I was just born sensible. While I was pretty much on the straight and narrow, I did enjoy some of the sexually overt music of the time.

My tastes are not as bland as they seem. I love all kinds of music- on my MP3 you'll find Reba McIntyre, The Gap Band, Mint Condition, Ella Fitzerald, and even Eartha Kitt singing in French. But every now and again, I hear something that moves me. That just sweeps me up in some type of magical. If you've never watched the show "The Sing Off" you might not recognize this group. Listen to the clip anyway. It is hands down the best thing I have heard in the last several years-musically anyway. Behold, the auditory delight of Afro Blue.
Music is a big factor in my life. No matter what I'm doing there is usually music playing- that includes when I'm writing. What kind of music do you like? Tell me in the comment section.

Until Next Time, 

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